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  • Majestic Rib
  • Burnside Rib
  • Katola Tile
  • Atlantic Rib
  • Corrugate Metal Siding
The Majestic panel is offered in both 26 and 29 gauge metal. This is one of the most popular profiles for metal roofing in North America and is typically used on residential roofing and siding projects.
The Burnside panel is offered in 26 gauge metal. The Burnside design is the exact reverse of the Atlantic profile, making it a stylish option for commercial or industrial siding projects. 24 gauge material may also be available in limited color selection.
Katola Tile panels consist offer a unique design option for residential roofing. The metal tiles come in 26 gauge and are 44.375" wide x 16" high with a 1.5" profile height.
The Atlantic panel is offered in 26 gauge metal. A combination of heavier material with a larger rib design makes this profile ideal for commercial or industrial roofing and siding
Installed vertically or horizontally, our Corrugated 7/8" panel has resurfaced on new architectural and industrial buildings in the past few years. Corrugated 7/8" panel can be used as roofing or siding and is available in widths covering 36" or 27-1/2" to offer more versatility and more colour.

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Warranties & Coatings

(Majestic, Burnside and Atlantic Rib Panels)

 *NOTICE: Manufacturers of these Vertical Steel panels will not guarantee these products unless they are installed 1700ft from Salt Water environments.

Katola Tile Warranties & Coatings

Vertical Roofing Panels
  • Transferable Lifetime non prorated Warranty
  • More than 18 colors

  • Energy Star Rated

  • COOL ROOF Approved

  • Ideal for Residential & Light Industrial

  • Lifetime non prorated Warranty

  • 40 yr Limited Colour Warranty

  • 16 colours to choose from

  • Energy Star Rated

  • COOL ROOF Approved

  • Duraflex Silicone Polyester Ceramic Coating, Prevents chalking or fading