Metal Roofing--Snow and Ice Guards: Protect your family and home from falling Snow & Ice Damage.

Metal Roofs typically require snow & ice guards. Once there is enough snow & ice built up in eaves troughs & soffets, it will Avalanche off the roof, often causing property damage. More importantly, there is the chance that a person or animal could be struck by falling ice and snow. Snow and Ice Guards professionally installed by Above the Rest will ease your mind and keep this from happening. Areas where Snow & Ice guards are a MUST: Over entry ways and garage doors. Ray and his roofing experts will discuss with property owners other areas where snow and ice guards should be considered. Snow and Ice Guards must be installed in specific patterns. Depending on the type of metal roof installed, certain snow and ice guards will be better suited. Installing these guards is not for Do it Yourselfers. Metal roof perferations must be avoided.

Give Ray a call today if you need a cost effective solution to your snow & ice problems this winter!

Metal Roof Snow Guards-Style 1 Metal Roof Snow & Ice Guards
Metal Roof Snow & Ice Guard-Style 2 Snow and Ice Guards for metal roofing
Metal Roof Snow and Ice Guards-Style 3 snowguard3b
Snow and Ice guard Style 4 Snow and Ice guards prevent roof snow from avalanching.
Snow and Ice Guard Style 5 Be prepared for winter, install snow and ice guards!

If you are installing a metal roof this year, keep in mind it's more cost effective to install snow & ice guards as part of the roofing project. If an Above the Rest metal roofing crew is already atop your house, let them install snow and ice guards over your entrances and garage doors (areas where humans or animals will travel.)


Above the Rest carries $2,000,000 in Liability Insurance. Trust the best, choose Above the Rest Permanent Roofing Systems.

Snow Guard #211

 Snow Guard #211


3 Bar Guard

3 Bar Snow Guard


The Diamond Guard

 Diamond Snow Guard

ideal diamond snow guard for metal roofing

Snow & Ice Guards


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