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Installed vertically or horizontally, our Corrugated 7/8" panel has resurfaced on new architectural and industrial buildings in the past few years.

Corrugated 7/8" panel can be used as roofing or siding and is available in widths covering 36" or 27-1/2" to offer more versatility and more colour.

Traditional Horizontal

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Our Residential® siding has been tested. Low-gloss wood grain that looks like natural wood? Check. Refusal to warp, buckle or sag? Yup. Roll-top nail hem fit that resists hurricane-force winds? Naturally. Seventeen UV-resistant colors and a Double Lifetime Warranty that includes hail protection? Time to introduce your new siding to the neighborhood.

Portsmouth Shingle

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Blow right past quaint and go straight to stunning. Though technically described as "classic," our high-beauty, low-maintenance Portsmouth Cedar Shingles siding ensures "Welcome home" never gets old—whether as a full exterior or a complementary element.Combine this classic shingle style with other materials such as stone and clapboard for a change of design pace and some extra eye candy.

Portsmouth Shake

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Add rustic dimension to your home with Portsmouth Hand-Split Shake—for an unmistakable "I carved this house out of the woods myself" look. The richly ingrained texture comes in 15 colors—all of which mock the harshest winds and smile back at the sun without fading. Make our Hand-Split Shake the featured exterior on your home or use it in a supporting role to add a dramatic facet to your existing siding.

Celect PVC Siding

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Boral Versetta Stone® is a mortarless, cement-based manufactured stone veneer with a unique, panelized design that is installed with mechanical fasteners, adding the beautiful detail of traditional stone masonry with a modern installation method.

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Haven® insulated siding combines the looks of real wood and the energy efficiency of industry-leading insulation technology. Let’s call it very high tech. Our EPS insulation reduces the flow of hot and cold air through wall cavities. Plus our “locked-tight” TXL Lamination distinguishes itself by how uniformly it holds siding and insulation together for a seamless, flat fit.

Some of the latest styles in Vinyl will blow your socks off!

Check out a home we recently completed using beautiful Cedar Shake Vinyl Shingles

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